Auxiliaries and Leaders


Church Development Auxiliary
Evangelist Evon McDowell, Director or
Global Missions Auxiliary
Elder Melvyn Little, Jr., Director
502-500-3042 or
International Adjutancy Auxiliary
Elder Tony Smyzer, Sr., Director
502-552-9943 or
International Altar and Baptism Auxiliary
Evangelist Bernice Edwell, Director or
International Board of District Elders VISIT PAGE
Suffragan Bishop Vernon Spinks, Director or
International Board of Suffragan Bishops
Suffragan Bishop Verdell Jones, Sr., Director
International Children of the Priesthood Auxiliary
Elder MarQuintin Wilkins, Director
919-669-6095 or 

International Christian Education Auxiliary  
Deacon Gene Claxton, Director
Contact: Elder Mike Wilson, 313-505-3004 or


International Deaf Language Auxiliary
Evangelist Andrea Wallace, Director
International Health Professionals Auxiliary
Tracy Wilson Pulliam, Director
256-361-4869 or
International Hospitality Auxiliary
Louise Farrow, Director or
International King’s Men 
Donald Cassell, Director
International Marriage and Family Auxiliary
District Elder Darrell Fairer, Director or
International Ministers Alliance
Bishop Derrick Reeves, Director
International Missionary Auxiliary
Evangelist Patricia Germany, Director
317-549-1200 ext. 126 or
International Pastors’ Wives Alliance
Lady Vivian Singleton, Director or
International Prayer Auxiliary
Evangelist Jacqueline Bell, Director
International Pulpit Attendants Auxiliary
Peggie Brown, Director
International Seniors Auxiliary
Mother Eva Capers, Director
International Spanish Language Auxiliary
District Elder Victor Trevino, Director
International United Pastors Alliance
Pastor Stephen Pulliam, Director
404-387-6002 or
International Usher Board Auxiliary
Teresina Chin, Director or
International Women’s Forum 
Evangelist Michelle White, Director
International Worship and Sacred Arts Auxiliary
Professor Wilbur Belton, Director or
International Youth Conference 
Pastor James Sears, Director or