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Atlantic South Carolina Council
Bishop Paul Capers, Diocesan
Suff. Bishop Phillip Knox, Chairman
Indiana State Conference
Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr., Diocesan
Suff. Bishop J. Glenn Purnell, Chairman
Southwestern District Council
Bishop John Jeffery, Diocesan and Chairman
California and Western States Council
Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth, Jr., Diocesan
Pastor Gayle Stallworth, Chairlady
Michigan State Council
Bishop Alfred Singleton, Diocesan
Dr. Benjamin A. Jones, Chairman
Texas State Council
Bishop Nathaniel Hinton, Diocesan

Bishop Allen Edwards, Chairman
Eastern and Southern States Council
Bishop John T. Leslie, Jr., Diocesan
Bishop Gilbert H. Edwards, Chairman
Military Council
Bishop Norman Allen II, Diocesan and Chairman
Tri-State Council
Bishop Michael E. Ford, Sr., Diocesan
Bishop James Chapman, Chairman
Florida State Council
Bishop Fred Porter, Diocesan
Suff. Bishop Phillip Porter, Chairman
New York, New England, and Pennsylvania States Council
Bishop Clarence Turner, Diocesan

Suff. Bishop Ronald Mathis, Chairman
United Northwest District Council
Bishop Troy Dockery, Diocesan

Elder Bobby Deary, Chairman
Georgia Regional Conference
Bishop Barry Mitchell, Diocesan
Suff. Bishop Ivan Gordon, Chairman
North Carolina District Council
Bishop Otto Richardson, Diocesan
Suff. Bishop George Dobbin, Chairman
Western Regional States Council
Bishop Jerry L. Jones, Sr., Diocesan

Suff. Bishop Martin J. Butler, Chairman
Illinois State Council
Bishop Jerry L. Jones, Sr., Diocesan
Bishop Charles Cole, Chairman
Southeastern District Council
Bishop Winston Singleton, Sr., Diocesan
Bishop Richard Rogers, Chairman
Wisconsin State Council
Bishop J.E. Moore, Diocesan

Bishop Jerry Baldwin, Chairman