The S.N. Hancock Christian Education Institute is a historical museum of PCAF memorabilia and artifacts. It is located at The Bread House, Bethlehem Temple Church, in Lansing, Michigan. The museum features a sizeable collection of personal and private effects of Bishop Hancock, including shoes and clothing, membership cards, ministerial credentials, letters, cameras and equipment, photos, and more. PCAF artifacts include textiles, photos, books, sound recordings, newsletters, songbooks, minute books, and numerous other items. Among the collection of books is The Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith: In Retrospect, Part 1 (Copyright 1982), written by Bishop Jerry L. Jones, Sr., general secretary and PCAF historian. The book chronicles our organizational history and the Pentecostal and Oneness movements in America.

Singleton newBishop Alfred Singleton, former presiding bishop (2000-2008) and pastor emeritus of the Bread House in Lansing, is the museum’s founder, president, and curator. The collections in the museum include authentic relics donated by Dennis Huguley, an heir of the Hancock Estate, and artifacts from the personal collection of Singleton who worked closely with Hancock as one of the assistant pastors of Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple in Detroit. Singleton was a part of the original group that met at the special call meeting in October 1957 to organize the PCAF, and is the last living member of that group. His work in protecting, preserving, and assembling our history through the museum’s establishment is a legacy that will be treasured for generations to come.


A sampler of the museum’s extensive photo collection


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